View from the Galata tower in Istanbul

View from the Galata tower in Istanbul

For the new year eve, I went to Istanbul. It was the first time I go in Turkey. This trip was organized by Airbus Staff Council and I had the chance to participate to it thanks to my mum who works for Airbus.

So I’m going to tell you more about Turkey and spacially Istanbul who is also known as Byzantium and Constantinople.
Istanbul has a big history, so I will made an article about it. And the other article will be on different places of Istanbul where I went :

But first of all, where is Istanbul ?


As you can see on the map Istanbul is at the same time in the Europe part of Turkey and the Asian part, but first the old city was on the European side. A lot of people think that Istanbul is the capital of Turkey but no, the capital is Ankara which is on the Asian part of Turkey.
Istanbul is an important city of Turkey, 15 millions inhabitant ( Ankara has only 5 millions inhabitant ) and it’s also the economic capital of Turkey. Indeed Istanbul is situated on the Bosphorus.
The Bosphorus, also know as Istanbul Strait is a strait which connect the Black Sea ( North ) and the Marmara Sea ( south ). It is part of the boundery between Europe and Asia and is 42 km long with a width from 698 to 3000 meters. Bosphorus traffic  is one of the biggest in the world with a lot of tanker which take this strait.


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